Cristiano Ronaldo wants to score 20 goals

The Portuguese joked about removing that suffered at the hands of Barca when he played with Manchester: "I have no outstanding debts ... I will simply light and water," said

Madrid (dpa). He missed a penalty in the Nou Camp and ended up kicking opponents, of pure helplessness, six months ago that was consummated on the triplet Barca, but Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem to get excited at his first derby against a team that is uncomfortable for him as the Barcelona says be at peace.

"The only outstanding accounts that I have are water and light, not with Barcelona," he said today the Real Madrid striker with a naughty touch that is a trademark of the house.

The sad memory of the last final of the Champions League when Josep Guardiola's team stripped of the title to Manchester United in Rome, 2-0 and Argentina's Lionel Messi ousted him from the throne of today's soccer is king, he said, history.

"The Champions League final is past. Now I'm in a new club with a winning mentality and that's going to Camp Nou to get a result "says to anyone who'll listen.

Saw what happened on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium against FC Zurich, Cristiano will contribute much to the whites can achieve this good result. The big question is whether, after 56 days inactive and only 20 minutes of play in the legs, may be decisive it was while he was healthy.

Unlike the case of his great rival, Messi: "The other day they were neither he nor (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic to Inter and the team did well. I do not know what to say. Barcelona has a team well outlined and all have quality. It will be difficult, with or without Messi.

"I have fun with Madrid because we won, I'm heading back home relaxed and sleep very well. The most important thing is to win. If we play well, better. Barcelona can play better than us but the statistics do not say that, "he said.

At its head is drawn the match Real Madrid needed to win at least that will keep that point leader.

"We can not be afraid to play against Barcelona. If we get back all the better for them because we are away from your goal. If they do not attack us defending the same. I hope and play to our potential, play and create our chances. "

"To succeed we must suffer." The Barcelona and gave him his share of torment in Rome and, somehow, also at the semifinal of Champions in which the United happened but he blew a cloud with his penalty and was a shade over 180 minutes. On Sunday you will know if it's time to enjoy.