World cup Final Draw today friday Dec 04 2009

Today, the final draw for the 2010 World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa .and the International Federation of Football «FIFA» has announced the heads of the six groups of South Africa 2010 World Cup : Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands, Italy, England, Germany and Spain on the heads of groups , as well as South African national team owner of the land, the public, FIFA said in a report published on the official website that the selection of teams was based on results in the qualifiers, unlike the previous championships, where the choice was made via the order of teams in previous World Cups and the European Council confirmed that has been divided into teams to participate in the World Cup into three geographic groups, are excluded from the group heads to include each of the 8 countries to avoid the participation of more than elected by the same continent rev one came in the first geographical group teams continents of Asia, North America and Oceania, South Korea, North Korea , Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, Honduras and the United States The second group included a geographical teams of Africa and South America, are Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Algeria, Ghana, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, the third group included geographical teams continent of Europe, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, Switzerland and Greece..

List of qualified teams

The following 32 teams qualified for the final tournament.

AFC (4)
CAF (5+1)

OFC (1)

UEFA (13)