Israeli media suggest Netanyahu is infected with Swine flu

For Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister talks that were scheduled to be conducted in Germany on

Monday 30/11/2009 until next year after suffering a rise in  temperature, likely, Israeli media reported that Netanyahu had  contracted Swine flu.

  A  statement from the Office of Netanyahu stated that the doctor "a person  suffering a viral infection and a rise in temperature" and that the  talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel postponed to January.

  Said  Mark Regev, spokesman for Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister "60 years"  is not seriously ill, but doctors advised him to rest.

  A  spokesman said the German government that Netanyahu postponed the visit  because of "significant rise in temperature" and the leaders of Israel  and Germany have decided to postpone their meeting until next year.

It  was expected that Netanyahu seeks to obtain stronger guarantees from  Merkel on Western targets tougher sanctions on Iran if it did not  accept the UN plan to curb its nuclear shipment of low-enriched uranium  has located abroad.