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Charles Dickens' timeless tale of an old miser who must face Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come, as they help to bring kindness to his otherwise cold heart. The Ghosts remind him of the man he used to be, the hard truth of what the world is today, and what will happen if he does not strive to be a better man. Set around Christmas, the most joyous day of the year, Scrooge realizes the sharp contrast of his own personality

Directed by
Robert Zemeckis
Produced by
Jack Rapke
Steve Starkey
Robert Zemeckis
Written by
Robert Zemeckis
Charles Dickens

Jim Carrey
Gary Oldman
Cary Elwes

Music by
Alan Silvestri
Robert Presley
Editing by
Jeremiah O'Driscoll
ImageMovers Digital
Distributed by
Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s)
November 4, 2009 (UK)

November 6, 2009 (US)
Running time
96 minutes
United States

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